Saturday, April 26, 2014

LALA "All Natural" Chocolate & Ube Pastillas

I chance upon this chocolate at SM Manila Supermarket and I was delighted to know that one of my favorite LALA Chocolate  when I was still a kid is still available in the market until today.

And what more, it is now available in bite-sized sachet pack! 

And of course, it's Ube Pastillas also didn't escaped my attention, so I also bought one pack of this yummy sweets!

Oh, I just love these two sweets despite the fact that I am not into sweets! The chocolate still has the same level of yummy sweetness. The Ube Pastillas is very nice too! Even my kids can't get enough of it that is why the pack had almost run out even before I got the chance to take a photo of it! :)

So, go get yours now and let's all bring back our sweet childhood memories! 

These purely pinoy delicacies are proudly the products of Gracepoint Enterprises with address at 514 Sn. Ildefonso St., Tuktukan, Guiguinto, Bulacan with contact nos. (044) 794-1337 to 38.


  1. Hi, I've been craving for this "Lala" chocolate for a while. Doea anybody know if we could order this online and be shipped anywhere in USA?

  2. Oh, sorry to have missed your inquiry. And again, sorry as I cannot recommend any online seller. I hope you can have vacation soon here in the Philippines for you to finally taste Lala products again! :)



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