Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The best things in life are LIBRE!

Yesterday, March 19, 2014, as usual, I climbed the stairs of LRT Edsa Station to go to work. But, hey, that day is no unusual at all! Before finally entering the platform of the station,there were promodizers giving away a plastic-full of product samples!

Of course, I did not missed that chance to grab one. Below is  a photo of the loot I got:

Inside the loot are the following:

* 3 sachets of different variant of Hana Shampoo
* 4 sachets of different variants of Champion detergent powder
* 2 sachets of Champion fabric conditioner
* 2 sachets of dishwashing Liquid
* 1 small tube of Systema toothpaste 
* 1 toothbrush 

There are a total of 13 samples inside the loot. Not bad at all. 

These products are all under the make of Peerless Products Manufacturing Corporation and Peerless Lion Corporation. 

I really admired the fact that despite Champion is a brand already known in the Philippine households, they are still aggressive in doing below-the-line advertising. Maybe, it's because of their new line of products, such as Systema and Hana, as first-hand experience still remains to be an effective medium to make a product known to its target market. 

I hope I can try already the Hana shampoo as I have already been hearing positive feedback with regards to this new shampoo brand. Later, maybe. :)

Anyway, hope to bump to more of these free stuffs again soon! Truly, the best things in life are LIBRE! Ciao!

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