Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mc Donald's Kiddie Crew ( 1st part)

The moment I saw this poster at the third floor of SM Manila, I immediately inquired about the work shop. 

The work shop is set for nine weekly schedules. I chose to register my kids for Week 2 as this is the week that my workload is much lighter. Fortunately there were no participants yet who registered for the first week, maybe because many schools have not yet ended their classes, so my daughters will be part of the pilot group for this year at SM Manila. 

March 29, Saturday, was the Orientation for the participants of Week 2. Only three kiddos have registered for Week 2, and the other one was not able to attend the orientation. 

During the Orientation, my kiddos were introduced to Ate Mil & Ate Che. They are the ones in charge for the said training-workshop. They explained the things that are to be expected during the 5-day workshop.

And what really excite my girls the most is the Burger-making activity!

It did excite me too!

After, they tried to familiarize my daughters to McDo's jingle entitled " Make It Happen". 

And they were treated to a free snack - a burger and juice! 

And of course, uniforms and their other paraphernalia were likewise handed to us! For P595.00 registration fee, these surely are all worth it! It even includes daily free meals!

Tomorrow will be their first day as Kiddie Crews. I really do hope that they will learn much from the workshop! Thanks Mc Do in advance for the experiences that my daughters will be going through! 

So for other kids out there who wanted to learn while having fun, head on to the nearest Mc Donald's store near you and check the available schedules. Let us all Make It Happen! 

I will be posting more about this stuff after a week! Ciao!

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