Sunday, March 30, 2014

Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Lipstick - I'm a Bellissima Girl!

Funny, but somehow true. I for myself, I really cannot live the house without putting my lipstick on! Just my lipstick on. Lipstick somehow gives me the much needed confidence to face each day's challenges. With my lipstick on, I feel I am  the toughest lady on Earth! Oh, well, but kidding aside, lipstick really sets, or should I say, reflects one's mood.

And here comes the good news! Just recently, Tupperware Brand's Colour Collection launches its new line of lipstick called Ultimate Wear Lipstick. Bellissima, Angelic, Head Turner, Queen Bee and Temptress composes the entire collection. 

To promote this new line of lip wear, Tupperware once again tied up with Sample Room. And being a member of Sample Room, I was more than happy to have availed all five shades!

And here starts my journey to finding my match. 

I first tried Head Turner as I have been reading positive review about it.

And it definitely is one head turning shade! Very hot pink in color, you will surely be the center of everyone's attention. This is my second favourite shade from the collection.

Bellissima is the next shade that I've tried.

This is my most favourite from the collection. Not too red, not too light. This is just the perfect shade for me as I can wear it almost everywhere and almost in any occasion! This color definitely suits my personality best - not too bold but not too boring too! Just the right mix of everything - very beautiful!


Although I also like the shade of this variant, I find the color very ordinary. This is not the shade for me, for I am no ordinary! Lol! 

Queen Bee

If you wanna be pumped, or if you really are in need of boosting, this is the perfect shade for you girl! This will definitely boosts up one's confidence! Or if you just wanna be a little bitchy or naughty, this is the shade to turn to!

Last is the Angelic shade. 

I initially thought that this shade will be the most pale and would be more of a nude color. But after applying the lipstick, it turned out to be light pink in color with a little hint of purple. A perfect day wear - this is how I can describe this shade. Perfect for teens and teens-at-heart! :)

Oh, and by the way, all shades will keep your lips moisturize and the colors really stays ver long so there is no need to retouch from time to time! Actually, the shades are so long lasting, it can last even until the following  day! amazing, right?! And did I already mention that each lipstick is compactly in slim design making it easier to carry with you, anytime, anywhere! Definitely a great steal!

So there you have it - the five shades of the Ultimate Wear Collection! Go find your match - the right color for you!

Let me end my post with this:

I'm a Bellissima girl, let's go help change the world! Let us all stay very beautiful! :)

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