Sunday, January 19, 2014

Van Gogh in just Minutes!!!

Yesterday, January 19, 2014, I chance upon a new booth at the new wing, at the ground floor of Market Market - the 30 Art Epec Marketing.

It caught my attention because one of the Staff kept on shouting their offer. According to him they are conducting free trial or demo. And since I am not really in a hurry, I gave in. 

I first inquired about the service they're offering. According to the one who's doing the editing/processing of the photos, their company have just acquired a new Korean application which intends to mimic the works/style of painting of Van Gogh. I asked about the name of the application/program but he cannot give me an answer. The words and all the program, as seen in the monitor were all written in Korean, so I cannot understand as well.

Anyway, just a little information, Vincent Willem van Gogh was a post-Impressionist painter of Dutch origin whose work, notable for its rough beauty, emotional honesty and bold color, had a far-reaching influence on 20th-century art.

What is Post-Impressionism? It is the term coined by the British artist and art critic Roger Fry in 1910 to describe the development of French art since Manet. Post-Impressionists extended Impressionism while rejecting its limitations: they continued using vivid colours, often thick application of paint, and real-life subject matter, but they were more inclined to emphasize geometric forms, to distort form for expressive effect, and to use unnatural or arbitrary colour.

Inside their store, there is an area where you can have your photo taken, just like a mini studio (see above photo). But since I am in no mood for photo shoot, we just took some photos from my iPhone...

But wait, I just can't miss mentioning their monitor. I just so love the look of it! It's so big and it was made to look like a big picture frame! Soooo pretty!

Anyway, this is the first photo that they processed using the Korean application.

And this is the second photo, which was the one I chose to be printed.

After some minor editing, I chose to have it printed to a size of 8x10. And here is the finish product:

The photo was printed in a real canvass. And upon checking the photo, you can really notice the strokes to make it appear like it was really an oil painting!

Now, that's what they really meant by mimicking Van Gogh's technique in just a couple of minutes! Instant Van Gogh oil painting!

I just noticed that the one doing the editing earlier was not yet that familiar in editing (adobe photoshop) as he was struggling when I asked some minor editing on the photo. I hope that the owner will train their staffs more if they really wanted to attract more customers. 

One factor to consider also is their price as I find it a little pricey. This 8x10 canvass already costs P750.00. And the prices goes even higher as the sizes increases. Lucky for that store as I am not in my "kuripot mode" that time, that is why they were able to convince me to purchase one! Hahaha!!!

By the way, the canvass already comes with a free photo frame! So, for people out there who wanted their photos turned to canvass, go check out this place, especially if you do have some extra cash to spare! :)

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