Sunday, January 5, 2014

My Royce' Pure Chocolate Experience!

I am not really fond of chocolates. Actually, am not really into sweets! But, of course, everything has an exception as  I definitely can't say NO to Leche Flan! I just so love this! :) And this rule also applies to chocolate. Although, I am not fond of it , I get to eat some of these too, sometimes. But oftentimes, this times, I prefer white chocolates! I really don't like the bitter taste, especially of the dark-flavored ones!

But, this, I think will now have to change. I think, I will be eating more and more chocolates from now on! The culprit?! It's Royce' Pure Chocolates!

Just recently (December 28, 2013), I have attended a wedding in one of the prestigious five-star hotel here in the country, the Hyatt Hotel. And as part of the program, guests were asked to compose a message for the bride and groom in a wooden piece that looks like a part of a big puzzle.

This is a photo of my message entry:

At the end of the program, the winner was announced - and luckily, it was ME! Lucky me! :)

And this became my prize!

And when opened, this is how it looks like:

Each thin slices of chocolates are individually wrapped which sealed in its freshness and amazing taste!

I just so love Royce' Pure Chocolates!!! Not so sweet at all! And definitely, no bitterness at all! Just pure heavenly yumminess!!! :)

By the way, Royce Chocolates are made in Japan. So I guess, I should really be thankful to them for this, huh?! :)

Below are photos of my two wonderful daughters enjoying the chocolates! :)

Renee Joy with Royce Chocolates!

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