Friday, January 10, 2014

Juan & Joe Restaurant

The first time that I notice this new eating place at the area of Market Market, it really caught my attention and told myself that I would surely try that place out. But as I usually been in that area together my kiddos, I was not able to immediately check this place ( you know how kids love jollibee, mcdo, KFC, etc).

But luckily, I came across a deal at Ensogo. For P99.00, I got to get a 150.00 worth of voucher. So, I purchased 3 vouchers, only to learn upon my reservation that they only allow 2,vouchers per person. Actually, that was written on the voucher, I guess I just missed that out. Anyway, I tried to request if they can allow me to maximize my 3 vouchers, and they said they will inform their "sir" about it.

So yesterday, my hubby and I finally got the chance to try Juan & Joe. I informed them about the reservation and that I intend to use my 3 Vouchers. In return, the waitress told me that they'll inform their "sir" about it. 

Upon entering the place, it was around 6:30 PM, I noticed that there weren't many customers yet. We were the only customer inside the resto, the other occupied table was outside.

But, people started coming in around 7PM and before we left the place, the place was almost full, well, almost.

With the theme of East meets West, the place was decorated with a mixture of Filipino and American memorabilia, from Beatles to Eraserheads, Panday to Captain America, Jaworski to Johnson, etc. I really liked the idea, though, I really don't think, the idea, the design, was really that successful. Although, overall, the ambience was okay. 

For our menu, we ordered Trio ( 3 bottle of beers for 120.00), Beef Pares, Stuffed Pusit and cheese burger.

Beef Pares

Stuffed Pusit

Cheese Burger (grabbed only as I was not able to take a photo of the burger)

Of these three, I really enjoyed the Beef Pares, it was really good and tasty.

I didn't find the Cheese burger special as there was really nothing especial in it, I enjoyed the fries, though. 

The Stuffed Chicken is a little hard to chew, though I love the stuffings! It was likewise presented in coordination with their theme as the body of the squid was stuffed and grilled while the head part was breaded and fried. :)

Overall, I would have really enjoyed our Juan and Joe experience, except for the fact that came billing time, they did not allow me to use all my 3 vouchers. They stick with the 2 vouchers rule! 

Well, extra PR would have never really hurt.... Oh, well...

Oh, by the way, here's a photo of me and my hubby! :)

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