Monday, December 2, 2013

Parang Kailan Lang...

I've written this poem days or weeks after  my mother-in-law's death, though for some reasons, I was not able to published it.

So now, as we remember one of the precious person in our lives, I would now like to take this chance to finally share this to everyone whom in some way or another, she was able to touch and make a difference in their lives...

Ma, I know, somehow, we are in a situation now that you can't really be proud of... But nevertheless, this doesn't change the fact that we all truly love and miss you!!!

We, I, promise, that the time will still come that we will still be able to make you proud! For now, I hope and pray that our unending love for you will be enough for you to attain that inner peace and happiness that you deserve.

We love you so much Ma! And thank you for everything!!! We miss you!

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