Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Re-encounter with Vidal Sassoon

I was able to try Vidal Sasson shampoo before, and I was quite satisfied with the result. That is why I was delighted when I learned that it will again be available in the market. But what got me more ecstatic was when I found out that it is also available at Sample Room!

There are two sets available, the Premium Color Care and Premium Base Care. And since I have just had my hair rebonded and color-treated, I opted to first try the the Premium Color Care set. 

The set includes a Shampoo, Conditioner and a Treatment. 

I love the fragrance of all these three products, not too sweet, not too overwhelming. What I just noticed with the Shampoo is that it is not that foamy at all. Maybe, it's because of an ingredient used to help maintain the vibrancy of the hair.

I am really happy with my re-encounter with Vidal Sassoon as it really lived to its promise of taking care of my hair and maintaining its shine and color. It really help boosts my confidence and bring out the best in me, from inside and out and from top to toe!

Thank you so much Sample Room for allowing me to experience Vidal Sassoon once more, everyday! 

Thank you so much Vidal Sassoon for taking care of my crowning glory!

I want to #GetSassooned because I want to further unleash my sense of individuality and uniqueness!

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