Saturday, May 6, 2017

CarbTrim... Carving My Dream to Reality!

As one of the privilege of being a member of Sample Room, each member is initially given 100 points for them to use to avail of sample products on-stock. Being a new member myself, I was so excited that I immediately used all my points. And one of my chosen sample is the CarbTrim Iced Tea Mix (Lemon Flavor). I was really excited to try this product ever since it was advertise on TV, but, unfortunately, haven't got a hand on it until now...

I think it was already more or less two weeks ago when my package from Sample Room arrived. I immediately tried CarbTrim before eating my dinner that same day the package arrived and from then on, I religiously consumed this juice drink until my sample already ran out.

This product promises to help block absorption of carbohydrates in the body... I know, it will be too early for me to say how effective this product is as I have only consumed 12 sachets of it. But, for starters, I know that I would be buying and drinking this Iced Tea Mix over and over again because it definitely tastes good. I really enjoyed drinking it. Also, one thing I've noticed, my bowel movement has become regular since I started enjoying this drink, so I guess,these are really good starts...

Thank you so much Sample Room for giving me the chance to try this CarbTrim Iced Tea Mix drink. Now, the possibility of gaining back my Size 23 waistline will no longer be just a dream, but a reality! hahaha... Kidding aside, size 27 will be just fine (I am now a Size 29). :)

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