Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Filipino Movies - Level Up!

I really love watching movies - foreign movies, that is! But that was before.

Before, I have this thinking that local movies are just meant to be viewed on TV and/or DVD because I find it a waste of time and money to watch them on the big screen. 

But, just like what I have said, that was before... 

Now, I am just so proud how our local film industry have improved and how it has become very competitive! 

For almost two years now, I've been watching local films on the big screen. Some of the films I've really enjoyed watching were as follows:

No Other Woman. This movie really created a big noise not only to the ordinary viewers, but even with the elite! I've watched this together with my hubby , and we both appreciated it. This film also enabled us to talk about this topic and voice out our opinions on the same issue tackled on the film.

One More Try. I watched this together with my sister-in-laws. This is another big move from the film industry. This movie proved that the local audience is now mature and more than ready to tackle serious and complicated issues in the open. The actors really gave justice to their respective roles. 

It Takes a Man and a Woman. Although I have watched all previous sequels of this Sarah-John Lloyd tandem, this is the only  installment  that I've watched on the big screen. This movie really created a great hype in the local film industry. This film is like a magical one- it makes you dream and believe in Forever once more. Personally, this film made me want to have a second wedding (still, with my husband, of course!). 

And just last night, I was able to watch the 1st 20th Anniversary offering of Star Cinema, Four Sisters and a Wedding! And I might say, the people in our local film industry did it again! The movie was able to capture the heart of each viewers as everyone can somehow relate to any of the characters of the film. The film was really able to mirror the reality that is happening in most of the Filipino family. I laughed and cried in this film! Love it! 

I am really happy that our local film industry have already leveled up. And I am sure that there will be more to come! 

One thing I've noticed though, all these films were all produced by Star Cinema, with the other two being co-produced by Viva Films. So I guess that this just shows that if you like watch quality films, just look out for movies that are released by these two great outfits! :)

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