Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Christmas is now just around the corner...

Just earlier this morning, I was wondering why I haven't heard yet any Christmas song being played on the radio. But, I just realized, I am not much listening to any radio stations these past few months. Maybe, that's the reason why.

I just went out after having my lunch today, and I can't help my self from smiling because on the 3rd floor of SM Manila, at the Department Store, there already stood a display - a Christmas Display, that is!

I felt like I'm a child again seeing Santa Claus and Mr. Snowman on the display!

Well, I guess, that just means that Season of giving and sharing will be here soon! What a JOY! 

What's more wonderful is that these items are currently on sale- up to 50% off! Now, isn't that a deal?!

Hoping to hear those Christmas Carols soon! :)

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