Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Breeze Sigeland

I know this post might be too late already, but, still I want to have this posted as a sign of my appreciation and support to the goal of Breeze - that is for the children to seize the day! ( by the way, this is my winning comment enabling me to get a Golden ticket for the event)

Breeze Sigeland is a whole-day event that was held last June 22, 2013 at the Music Hall of Mall of Asia where children were given a free toy of their choice for Free! Well, actually, not really. In exchange of the toys are the pledge of every loving mom to teach their child a certain value. As for my child, Reena Joy, she chose the painting set and in exchange, I pledge to teach her the value of Creativity! 

But before the giving of toys, the organizers of the event held a short program, graced by celebrities such as Ms. Carmina Villaroel & Ms. Tessa Prieto. 

Ms. Prieto definitely never failed to amuse  & entertain the audiences with her very attractive headdresses! :)

By the way, Below is my Golden Ticket to the event:

And here are our wrists bands, our gateway to the event! :)

The management of Breeze was even able to make a short video to summarize and to record the wonderful things that happened that day. And I was surprise and happy that I was included in the said video. Below are the links:


Once again, I want to end this post by thanking again and again and congratulating everyone at Breeze for coming up with this educational, valuable, exciting and successful event! I just hope that there are more to come!

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