Monday, January 26, 2015

After 10 years... A8 the Reunion at Montemar Beach Resort!


Five different individuals, we all first met during our freshmen years at the Pontifical University of Santo Tomas (UST). Actually, we were seven in our group, but, since the other one, Cathy, is already based in Australia , Ronnie, it is very unfortunate that we already lost contact with, only the five of us were left to celebrate our first decade of friendship since we finally step out of the care of our dear Alma Mater. We are really very thankful for bringing into being who and what we have become today... Jen & Cathy, the lawyer-friends we can always count on; Murray & Toni, the fickle-minded, carefree, fun & liberated call center agents; Roan, our budding photographer, and me, the ever-simple & uncomplicated court employee. :-)

December 1, 2012. (At last, we finally were able to agree on the date.) We met early in the morning at the  UST grounds. Of course, our reunion would not be complete without visiting first our school. Ten years really had done a lot of changes in the university’s premises. But, still, that feeling – that sense of belongingness was still there.  To record this event, Roan, took photos of us in almost all the beautiful landmarks of the UST. Below are some of the photos:


Jen, Toni and Me! :)
ust-batch-2002-grounds 2
Roan, Toni and Yours Truly! :)

Afterwards, we already bid our goodbye to our university and headed to pick-up Murray. 

And then, our road trip. 

After picking up Murray at the Meycauyan toll gate, our next stop was at the next Gas Station to fuel up our City, buy some last minute toiletries and to use the station’s comfort room in preparation for the long drive ahead. 

The whole trip proved to be a very fun one  while each one of us were trying to catch-up on the things that happened to us. Each one of us had our own share of ups & downs stories, and wild ones too! It was just so comforting that we have one another to share all our experiences with, without having to worry about being ridiculed or misinterpreted. 

At around past 12:00 o’clock noon, we stopped by Dulang restaurant. The resto is offering a buffet-style menu only for P99.00. Great deal, right?! I just wished we have something like that here in Manila. I will surely be frequenting that place! (Goodluck to my already bloating body!) 

At Dulang Restaurant

Before reaching our final destination, we also passed by a monumental structure and the historical Bundok Samat. Sadly, we already have no time to go up the mountain.

It was already past 2:00 o’clock when we finally reached Montemar Beach Resort, the place where the five of us re-lived and celebrated our more than a decade of friendship...

More of our Montemar experience soon... 

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