Thursday, May 30, 2013

Transform yourself with Schick.

Superman is my first super hero, and my first crush. :) I really find him nerdy-cute when he is Clark Kent and a real heart throb whenever he transforms into Superman!

Kidding aside, when I was young, I was really amazed of all the super powers that Superman possess. And if ever I would be given a chance to have the powers of the Man of Steel for a week, I would really try my best to make the most of it by trying to somehow save the Earth from more disasters and to somehow make this world a more bearable place to live in.

On the first day, the first super power abilities of Superman that I will utilize is his Superhuman Breath and Superhuman Strength

One of the greatest dilemma of our Mother Nature today, especially here in the Philippines is garbage, tons and tons of it, which in the course of time polluted both the air and our bodies of water. Using these super powers,  I will try to  first inhale all the garbage and polluted water and then I will fly in the very farthest of space and throw out all of it there. After, I will again inhale clean water from other bodies of water ( that is not polluted) to replaced the ones I have dried out. That way, we can again enjoy the benefits of having clean bodies if water.

On the second day, I will use his X-ray Vision to check what is really going on in North Korea. With this power, I can see whatever it is that they are hiding, if they indeed are hiding something. And if ever the search turned positive, I will then use again his Superhuman Strength to destroy the same. That way, the threat that they posed can already be dismissed.

On the third day, the Superhuman Speed will be of handy because I intend to address the problem with regards to global warming. I will plant trees all over the world in a jiffy! That will surely solve this problem. And fresh air will soon be available again.

Day four,  I will focus on utilizing Superhuman Intelligence for me to find means and ways to settle the differences of every country and/or groups at war or conflict. And this I will continue on the fifth day. I will be writing books and blogs that will serve as inspirations and guide of the people on how to be better citizens of this world as to avoid future conflicts. This way, I will still be able to help the world even when my 7-day super power-term already expires.

The last two remaining days will be spent to pamper my family. The Flight ability will be enjoyed. I will conquer the world by flying to places I dreamt of visiting! I'll visit Paris with my husband and maybe spent our 2nd honeymoon there. I will likewise bring my daughters to Bohol because they really love to see the chocolates hills! And after that, will proceed to visit their cousins in Shannon, Ireland because they already missed them terribly! And for the last hour, I will just fly like a bird in the sky and enjoy the care free & rejuvenating feeling that conquering the sky brings. I'm sure, the whole world, especially, the Philippines, will be a breath-taking view up above! :) 

How about you? What would you do if you can have the super powers of The Man of Steel for a week?!

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