Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Visit to the Doctor

Yesterday, May 4, 2013, I paid a visit to my doctor due to the continuing pain at my nape and nausea I'm experiencing as well as the uneasiness I'm feeling with my eyes. I also get tired easily these past few days... :(

Luckily, there were not do many patients at the clinic when I go there.

When I already told my doctor about my condition, she immediately check my ears and then my heart beat, but both turned out to be in good shape (thanks God).

I told my doctor the possibility of my blood sugar getting low as I have experienced that before when I was pregnant but she immediately dismissed the possibility. Instead, she had my blood checked (CBC) and it turned out okay as well.

So, my doctor pointed out the possibility that it might be eye-connected so she advised me to have my eyes examined on Wednesday because that's the schedule of their ophthalmologist. So, I guess, I have to file my leave on Monday.

And for the mean time, in order to address the pain and nausea, my doctor advised me to just lie down for 24 hours with my feet elevated. She also prescribed some medicines.

So I guess, I have to wait for Wednesday to come so I can finally know the reason of my condition. :)

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