Saturday, October 1, 2011

Reena Joy's First Big Screen Experience

Reena Joy posing before the signage of Johnny English, Reborn!

Yesterday, October 1, 2o11, Saturday, was my younger daughter, Reena Joy, first movie experience. Actually, we are hoping to see a movie more fitting to her age like cartoons for her experience to be more memorable, but unfortunately, nothing of these kinds were offered yesterday at the SM Mall of Asia Cinemas. Not quite a good timing.

And so, we are destined to watch Johnny English Reborn. Not that I don't like this movie, it just that I have already seen the movie the previous week. :-)

Right after we entered Cinema 3 and found our seats, Yna said to me "Mama, bakit ang laki ng TV nila? Kasi malaki ang bahay nila?" Well, I guess my ever intelligent daughter already answered her query so I just smiled at her.

And I guess, the movie was all worth it because my two daughters appreciated the movie so much since they are familiar with the lead character, whom they referred to as "Mr. Bean". hihihi

Oh, and my husband, he enjoyed the movie too. I even kidded him to try the training that Mr. English have done training with the monks.

Next movie target - Alvin and the Chipmunks! They have seen the poster of this movie on the Cinema billboards and they are really ranting and excited to see this movie! :-)

My two daughters, Reena Joy and Renee Joy posing before the signage of Johnny English, Reborn!


  1. Wow! I'm sure she's very excited. My brother and I had The Carebears as our first movie. =)

  2. :-) Indeed, she was! sorry for the late response. :-)



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