Monday, April 25, 2011

Doom of the Broom - End of Cleaning Misery!

Cleanliness is next to godliness. This saying proves to be one of my favorite philosophy in life that I really adhere to. A clean living environment is definitely a top priority for me. Who wants to live in a dirty place anyway?!

To achieve this goal of maintaining a healthy environment, the "walis tambo" has always been my everyday companion. Aside from the reality of having to endure the dust blow of the "walis tambo", this had always been a great cleaning tool for me.

But this changed the moment we moved in to our new place. Cleaning three floors everyday is definitely a tedious task for a working, studying and hands-on mother to two adorable babies like me. Everyday, I have to wake up early in order to clean our house before going to work. And this has become something that I no longer look forward to every morning.

Thank God Electrolux, a global leading brand in kitchen and home appliances, introduced its brand new corded stick cleaner, Electrolux Dynamica, the latest innovation that promises to be the ideal cleaning companion that is not just easy to handle, but provides a powerful, hygienic home cleaning experience suitable for both hard floors and carpets.

Now, that is really something that I really look forward to! Can't wait till I get a new Electrolux Dynamica of my own. Can't wait to finally end my everyday misery of having to deal with the broom!

Look at the new me, elegantly looking with the new stylish vacuum cleaner - the Electrolux Dynamica!

I need change. I want to start the doom of the broom. I need help!


  1. having a dandy vacuum cleaner will be very helpful, we bought one several years ago, because my eldest has rhinitis and it gets worse if he inhales more dust, but it's an old model. hope you get the Electrolux Dynamica so you can also start the doom of the broom.

  2. Ooh, i really hate sweeping kasi nakakapagod sa likod. Good luck to your entry.

  3. thanks everyone for the comments! :-)

  4. Wow, I wanna have one, too! Yung walis namin, kabibili lang, kalbo na :)



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