Thursday, February 25, 2010

Yugatech Contest

February 24, 2010, I, together with my mom, went to Baclaran to do my stint for this very challenging contest. I arrived at the Baclaran church in time for the 4:30 - 5:30 mass. I am tempted to post inside the church while the mass is on-going. I really find the moment perfect to capture the many people inside the church, but I refrain myself from doing so. I find it a little disrespecting since this my create commotion. After the mass, we participated in the Novena for the blessed Virgin Mary. I really took this chance to pray my intentions, one being able to somehow win in this contest.:-)

After the Novena, we rushed outside to capture the crowd going out of the church. But, my mom, being the "not so techie" kind of person, really had a hard time taking my photos.

Taken in from of the statue of blessed Virgin Mary. Mama Mary, please pray for me to win! :-)

Again, near the statue...

People coming out of the church. (Hurry mom, they're leaving already!)


Still not contented with my shots... Off the streets we go!!!

"Say cheese!"

SMILE again!

Excuse me, I'm trying to take my best shot here! :-) Let me through please...

And for the final shot, whew! Really hard to squeeze in!

Thank you!

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