Friday, May 29, 2009

Winning in Pinoy Bingo Night!

Rummaging through my previous posts, I stumble to this draft of mine which due to some reasons, I was not really able to post. This blog was made in 2009. Finally and funny, I am posting it now! Hahaha... Kalurkey! 

Early May this year, I joined Pinoy Bingo Night thru text, and I think it only took more than a week before I received a text message from ABS-CBN that I'm one of the many texters who might got a chance to win 1 milliion in the said game show. Those who received the message were asked to report to ABS-CBN on May 18 for further screening.
Though hesitant at first (due to many reasons, which I will no longer put here), I went to ABS-CBN on May 18, and I was shocked by the number of aspiring Bingoers outside the ABS-CBN compound. I arrived around 12:50 in the afternoon. And after the long wait, at about past three o'clock, we finally entered their compound, but was again shocked by the long lines that we still have to endure! This second line was for the verification of the text messages and identification cards.
After passing thru the second line, a third line await us again, this time for screening. Luckily, I've passed!
Then came the taping date, May 26, 2009. We were advised to go to K Bent Studio. We were asked to come at 10am. Bibay (
My new found friend) and I arrived 10 minutes before the scheduled time. After waiting for more or less, two hours, we were ushered to get inside the studio and were given the name tags and the seat no.
My seat no. was F14. Immediately, I said to my friend. "Wow, this is really a sign, F14- means February 14, the birthday of Ms. Kris Aquino, host of Pinoy Bingo Night. I am really going to win this game!"
And indeed, I won!!!
Thank you to all the Staffs of Pinoy Bingo Night! Thank you ABS-CBN! This is really one great experience!
Thank you for all those who prayed for me! And thank you for our Lord above, for hearing our prayers!!! God is really great! 

I really wish I can still recover the video of the show...

And I really hope Ill have the chance to join and win again! :)

How about The Singing Bee?! Can be! :)

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